What is 36peas?.. links to latest stuff

One Spear Arena (website) -- an small project eminating from the December 2013 Ludum Dare, Spears has taken a life of its own. Check out the iOS version, or the local multiplayer at an event near you.

Hyperion: d7 (website) -- action/puzzle/strategy chaos for iPad.

Mineral Cities (website) -- upcoming minimalist RTS / city builder.

Blog content -- older stuff is here, plus some (slightly) more recent stuff at Gareth's site:

That covers the key stuff at moment, shout/email if you've any questions.


GDC: Games in a Day

Update: I ran this in 2014 as well -- the links and resources are on my personal site at


This has been on the GDC site for a while now, better get around to posting it -- myself and Ray Wenderlich are running an iOS game dev bootcamp on the Tuesday of GDC 2013. We've got some greate speakers lined up including Mike Daley (Co-founder 71squared), Mike Schramm (Editor TUAW/Joystiq), Keith Shepherd (Co-founder ImangiStudios), Rod Strougo (iOS Developer & Instructor, Big Nerd

Ranch & Prop Group) and David Whatley (CEO, Critical Thought Games, LLC), as well as myself and Ray.

From the GDC Schedule page:

A one-day crash course in making iOS games. This daylong bootcamp will include enough specific technical and platform knowledge for attendees to either go away and start making their own iOS games, or to further understand the tools they are using. The day will be made up of a mix of discussion, deep dives, examples, and plenty of opportunities for audience Q&A. Session content will include an introduction to the iOS platform, crash courses in Cocos2d and Unity3d, popular/essential iOS APIs for games, and a deep-dive on game architecture selection and best practices.

Look forward to seeing you there ;)



Performance design patterns and post mortems for component architectures

Latest version of our component architecture research (from September 2012) is now up and available at the 360idev videos site.

From the presentation abstract:

This talk is a follow up to my 2011 360idev talk on component architectures for iOS games. It includes specific in-the-field post mortems and performance analysis from the implementation of a variety of component systems, implemented by myself and others (including other 360idev regulars).

The performance measurement elements are applicable to all architectures and the post mortem information is full of technical goodies about iOS implementation detail and nuance.


Component stuff; new blog; The Satanic Games

I started blogging over at as well as here.

Recent stuff includes:



This blog/site will likely be more focussed around 36peas stuff and about whatever I feel like writing about. Probably a good bit of crossover on game dev stuff, so I'll continue to cross-link where appropriate.



Game dev link roundup - 14th April


Crow by Sunside Inc

Hadn't heard much about this iOS title until last week. Great stuff.

A Few Feet of Snow by Martin Wallace

So want this deck-building card game. Out of stock in the UK at the moment unfortunately.

Sine Mora by Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality

This XBLA side-scrolling shooter is so beautiful it might just keep my attention long enough to figure out how to play one of these things properly. 


Permanent Record - The Paradox of Online Worlds

Outline of the issues around designing for permanency and user consequence.

Rational Design: The Core of Rayman Origins

Great write-up on the rational design principles that underpin the fantastic Rayman Origins. Also check out Ubiart's blog for more on the same. Unfortunately stale, but some goodies remain.


The Top 6 Misconceptions I Had About Unity

Great post on Unity and some general usefulness about component architectures in general.

Algorithm is not a 4-letter word

Great presentation from last year. Just go watch it if you've not already.


Ludum Dare 23 & warm-up weekend

Warm-up weekend is this weekend, 10th anniversary of the actual event is next weeked. Excited about this one. Also check out some of the give-aways and IRL meetups.

Indie buskers

Also this weeked. Go throw some change at them.